Debut and Success: BLACKPINK made their debut with the single album "Square One," featuring the tracks "Boombayah" and "Whistle." Both songs were commercial successes, with "Whistle" debuting atop the Gaon Digital Chart. Since then, BLACKPINK has achieved immense success both domestically and internationally, with hit singles like "Kill This Love," "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du," and "How You Like That." They are known for their powerful performances, catchy tunes, and captivating visuals.

Achievements: BLACKPINK has broken numerous records and received numerous accolades throughout their career. They are the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella and have set records on YouTube with their music videos, including the most-viewed music video within 24 hours ("How You Like That"). They've won awards at prestigious ceremonies such as the Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards.

Global Influence: BLACKPINK's influence extends beyond music, as they've become fashion icons and brand ambassadors for various international companies. They've collaborated with brands like Adidas, Chanel, and Samsung, elevating their status as global trendsetters. Their impact on pop culture is evident through their massive social media following and dedicated fanbase, known as BLINKs.

Discography: BLACKPINK has released various successful albums and singles, including:"Square One" (2016)"Square Two" (2016)"Blackpink" (2017)"Kill This Love" (2019)"The Album" (2020)Their discography showcases a range of musical styles, from upbeat pop anthems to emotional ballads, highlighting their versatility as artists.Overall, BLACKPINK's meteoric rise to fame and global impact have solidified their status as one of the most influential and successful girl groups in the world.